Preparing for the Puppet Professional Certification Exam (PPT-202)

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Get Puppet Labs Certified – here is a little help on how and what you may want to study.  This is just some suggestions putting the information in one place – it is by no means a cheat sheet to passing the test!  Hope this information is useful to others.

First, take the Fundamentals class if you can.  It will definitely help but I know we cannot all do this because of the cost.  That does not mean you will not pass, it just takes a little more study on your part.

For those of you working with open source puppet – learn about Puppet Enterprise and all its nuances.  Use the PE Virtual VM to play we the Node Classifier (Console) as there are test questions in there about it.

Puppet Labs getting certified page –

Look at the Objectives listed for the course – know everything listed –

Puppet Cookbook –

The Workshop Course Library –

Training VM – Do the Quest Exercises – good practice

Another resource to learn puppet (for free) and prep for the exam –

Puppet Professional Practice Exam – (current working link)

Understanding of Puppet Enterprise – Understand everything under the quick start guild –

Puppet Docs – Almost all the basics

Key Sections

Understand Environments –

ModulePath –

Configuration Section –

Understand Maintenance and Troubleshooting – Understand everything in the following sections in the manual. and Troubleshooting sections)

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