100K Thermistor Types and the Sprinter/Marlen firmware values

Chris Anderson/ August 15, 2014/ Uncategorized/ 2 comments

Configuring Marlin and Sprinter firmware

It is important to select to correct thermistor values in you 3D printer firmware setting in order to get proper temperature readings an therefore get good prints.   In order to do this both Marlin and the Sprinter firmwares used by RepRap 3D printers have pre-defined Thermistor indexes.  As a user you only need to select the proper value to match your thermistor.  Below are some popular Thermistors be used and the values that should be used in the firmware.

100k Honeywell Axial Thermistor


Marlin and Sprinter firmware, select temperature table #7.

100k Epcos Thermistor


Marlin or Sprinter firmware, select temperature table #6

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  1. You have the picture captions backwards, I think.

  2. You are correct – just fixed it – thanks.

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