1024×600 LCD Display and Touch Panel for Raspberry Pi

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7″ 1024*600 LCD Module Display + HDMI/VGA/2AV Board + Touch Panel w/ Controller

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The touch panel is called AT070TN92 V.5 and the HDMI AD Board is called VS-TY2662-V1 or PCB800099. 

This Controller Board support Automatically Switch to AV2 (Reversing View camera).
Please connected ACC to 12V.

  • 1 x  HDMI+VGA+2AV+Audio Controller Board VS-TY2668-V1
  • 1 x  7inch 1024X600 EJ070NA-01J LCD

1. VGA Input
2. HDMI Input
3. AV1 Input
4. AV2 Input (Support Reverse Priority)

Note: Power Adapter(12V) is not including.



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Calibration of Touchscreen under Raspbian

A great Link collection for touch calibration tools: http://tias.ulyssis.org/calibration/ and a great overview of the whole USB-HID and USB-non-hid touch issue:http://tias.ulyssis.org/calibration/device_support.html

A new generic calibrator

Since I originally created this overview, I have started the xinput_calibrator project, hosted on freedesktop.org. Xinput_calibrator is an easy to use generic touchscreen calibration program that can calibrate all Xorg drivers (except tslib).

To understand how touchscreens are handled nowadays, check out this other page that tries to explain it all.

Name Application Config Notes Requires
tslib ts_calibrate dynamic Appearently the standard for touchscreens on embedded ARM systems (according to this post). Originally developed for Kdrive, but there is a port for Xorg called xf86-input-tslib(packaged in ubuntu and gentoo among others). a /dev/input/eventX device and a /dev/fbY video framebuffer device


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