3D Printer Ooze

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I hate dealing with a printer that has ooze problems.  I have one now that will NOT stop oozing on my.  This is a new build – TAZ – that other than the ooze issue is working well but this issue is causing my prints to look terrible.   Here are the specs of my printer and some of the things I have tried so far.


  • Wades Reloaded Extruder
  • Makergear extruder
  • 1.75 mm filiment
  • 12 volt system
  • Ramps 1.4 electronics
  • Ky stepper motors
  • Marlin Firmware
  • Repetier-Host
  • Slic3r


Some tests to fix Oozing

  • Speed up and slow down Extruder retraction
  • Adjust firmware acceleration and max speeds of Extruder
  • adjust temperature of – cooler helps (some)
  • Travel Speeds

Calibration Object: oozebane-test.stl and variable_size_ooze_test_nobase.stl

Things to consider

  • reduce temperature
  • increase travel speed
  • retracting more
  • retract slower
  • z-lift before travel
  • lowering extrusion ratios

Make sure you adjust your firmware settings to support the speed settings you use in you slicing software

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