3D Printing of PLA and ABS

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PLA Printing

PRINTING ON BLUE TAPE (taken from matterhackers)

Blue Tape, or Painters Tape, is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get a great print from PLA.  Here is a quick checklist of things you want to make sure you are doing.

  1. Check that the Blue Tape creates an even layer. Don’t miss any spots.  Don’t overlap the edges.
  2. Don’t heat the bed when using Blue Tape, it will not stick well to your PLA
  3. Replace any tape strips that get damage when removing parts.
  4. Replace the tape after 5-10 prints or when parts stop sticking.
  5. If your first layer is not sticking – make sure the print head is close enough to make a nice squished line of PLA. If that doesn’t take care of your problem, you may want to increase the ‘first layer temperature’ 5 to 10 degrees (start with 5 and increase if necessary).

ABS Printing

Heat, Heat, Heat!!!

Kapton Tape works well for me – put down a layer on you heated bed.  This can be fun but easiest method is using water/soap mixture. See here

ABS Slurry – Acetone plus ABS about  10 to 1 mixture but up to the user.

Hair Spray – try this on your Kapton tape or even give it at try on blue painters tape – Try Aqua Net – Shop

Some links to more info:

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