Grizzly G0516 9×20 Combo Metal Lathe

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Grizzly G0516 9×20 Combo Metal Lathe

This is the mill/lathe combo I purchased from Grizzly a while back (Purchased Here).  I am still learning a lot on this machine but so far have really enjoyed having it.  I have some plans / ideas of some upgrades I want to do to and and will post them here when I get to that but first I have to move it to a new Garage I just had built!

Good source that talks about removing the mill from the lathe – something I am interested in doing.

Grizzly G0516 Mill (Detached & Installed on new base). Also known as G8689 Mini Milling Machine (separate base can be purchased from
Oh, by the way LittleMachineShop has a excellent set of resource tools here

Compatible/similar lathes/mills
Grizzly G0602 – this is basiclly the same lathe as mine – without the mill part

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